Amanda Gray

Amanda Gray is the New Black

Venue, Date & Time

The Factory Theatre

Wed 19th Sep 2018 - 8:15 pm

Fri 21st Sep 2018 - 8:15 pm

Sun 23rd Sep 2018 - 7:15 pm

Show Duration


Ticket Price Range

$10.00 - $15.00

Recommended For

Over 18s Only
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There aren’t many female stand-up comics like Amanda, in the sense that she’s more shameless than most of male comics.

In this show she has decided to bring a brutal honesty from her past - when she was a fully fledged drug addict living in Newtown in the 90s. "What else would you have been back then? I mean it was Nirvana. As in the band - not the state." she says.  "I believe there's funny in everything - even the darkest periods of your life."  Audiences will be asked to keep an eye on their wallets for the duration of the show. 

Amanda is a seasoned performer, having started performing when she cleaned up her act  - not her jokes but her life. 

Amanda can also be seen featured on the Politically Incorrect DVD. She toured nationally with the live show Wild Women of Comedy & again with Apocalypstick both shows culminating in sold out venues during the Sydney Comedy Festival (SCF). She also tours extensively with the SCF Showcase Tours to all parts of regional Australia where audiences aren't quite sure whether to laugh or throw something.

If you like your comedy dark, confronting and personal, this is the show for you. Amanda’s unflinching, unabashed comedy has placed her at the top of the list of Australia’s must-see comedians.

"Australia's driest comedian" - Timeout.

 If Amanda ever gets famous enough to be reviewed by the Daily Telegraph this is what they'd say:

"Amanda is a potty mouthed dark and twisted woman obviously suffering bitterness from self inflicted tragedy in her life. She really needs to lighten up." 1 Star!

This, Amanda says, would be a great review!


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