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Angie Bradburn, Chelsea Zeller & Jeeves Verma

Cirque Désolé - Part Deux

Venue, Date & Time

The Factory Theatre

Tue 27th Aug 2019 - 8:15 pm

Thu 29th Aug 2019 - 8:15 pm

Sat 31st Aug 2019 - 8:15 pm

Show Duration


Ticket Price Range

$12.00 - $17.00

Recommended For

All Ages
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*Please be advised that this room is not wheelchair accessible.


Three comedy triple-threats in one show!

Jeeves Verma, Angie Bradburn and Chelsea Zeller are all skilled in the art of Stand-up, Improv, and Sketch Comedy.

This is a stand-up show: Angie, Chels and Jeeves need an audience on whom to trial their new material.

About Angie:
This is Angie Bradburn's second time at the Fringe Comedy Festival. And this time she is making no mistackes! ...except for that one error in the bio. That's tit. And also that one just there... no more thun two. Angie is trying some stuff at the Fringe Festival. Come see her mistakes.

About Chelsea:
Fresh off performing her sold out one-woman show Massive Bitch at Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Sydney Comedy Festival, Chelsea Zeller is succumbing to the pressure of her talented friends by making her stand up debut at Sydney Fringe. It will get weird. It might get personal. It’s can’t be worse than the time she peed her pants at school assembly in front of everyone… can it?

"Zeller is an engaging performer with obvious talent." - Herald Sun “a highly entertaining event, and worth all the praise she has and will receive." - Weekend Notes

About Jeeves:
Jeeves Verma has been a Sydney comedian for the last 10 years. He writes and performs three different 1 hour shows (Melbourne, Sydney and Sydney Fringe comedy festivals), each year. Jeeves studied Medicine once upon a time and chose to leave his medical career in pursuit of the 'best medicine'.

"It’s easy to see why Jeeves Verma has been steadily growing in popularity ...refreshingly good humour ...storytelling genius" - The Plus Ones, Sydney.

If you haven't Angie, Chelsea and Jeeves perform yet, are you even a comedy fan?

Chelsea's Reviews:
"the comedian nailed her character swaps... it’s impressive to watch her create characters within seconds without a single costume change." - Pop Culture-y

"A comical plethora of paradoxical characters performed by the up and coming, already legendary Chelsea Zeller." - Stage Whispers

"Zeller gives an impressive performance, transitioning smoothly between wildly divergent characters... Moments of audience interaction are negotiated with care, and the performance feels present – specific to this audience and this night." - Theatre Press

"If you like Australian politics, satire and variety shows Massive Bitch might just be a great show for you." - Pop Culture-y

"Zeller moves from original character to original character without a hitch – even the interviews are so flawless that it's easy to forget there's only one person on stage... it's the sharp characterisation and spot on jokes that keep the audience wanting more." Anne-Marie Peard

"Massive Bitch is a brazen, pie-in-your-face one woman show - with audience in tow and warm up routine motions of a once popular morning TV program... Throw in lashes of derogatory sexual comments, a conversation starter on the hashtag metoo campaign along with temper tantrums of a plummed-primadonna host and you have a bitch of a show." - Stage Whispers 

"Zeller never disappoints as a performer. She creates clear, clever and hilarious characters... Zeller switches between them all with mastery, commitment, and a delicate understanding of who they all are and why they are there." -  What Did She Think

Zeller has mastered the template of morning television typecasts with such marvelous finesse in a no frills performance with loads of diversity and colour... A must-see show for the side-splitting laughs and more."
-  Stage Whispers.

Jeeves' Reviews:
It’s easy to see why Jeeves Verma has been steadily growing in popularity- he is absolutely lovely.
...storytelling genius.
The Plus Ones, Sydney  
All the stories leave the audience no choice but to erupt into fits of laughter... there is nothing but laughs from the audience. - The Plus Ones, Melbourne  

Jeeves Verma will leave you laughing so hard, you will struggle to remain upright in your seat.  
- The Plus Ones, Melbourne 

There’s something endearing about this moustachioed teddy bear of a man.  - Herald Sun 

Impressive impressions abound! …This is really personal comedy and it’s worth seeing. 
The Australia Times 

A very charming comic... I sincerely hope he did get approached by the group of women sitting towards the front after the show.  - The AU Review 

Jeeves Verma is everything I need in a stand-up. Confident, charming and very, very funny.
- Dave Collins, The Umbilical Brothers 

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