Chelsea Zeller

Massive Bitch

Venue, Date & Time

The Factory Theatre

Wed 26th Sep 2018 - 9:30 pm

Fri 28th Sep 2018 - 9:30 pm

Show Duration


Ticket Price Range

$10.00 - $15.00

Recommended For

Over 18s Only
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Be part of the live studio audience of Australia’s 3rd favourite TV panel show, and watch as producer Victoria Bidder wages war against plummeting ratings with bumptious hosts, incompetent crew, and a band of dangerously diverse guests. The show is going under, and the network executives know it. But for Victoria Bidder, failure is not an option. 

A one-woman show with a thousand-and-one characters to form a world of hilarious chaos, Massive Bitch pulls back the curtain on the unforgiving machine that is live network television.

Written and performed by Chelsea Zeller
Directed by Samuel Russo

"A brilliant new show to rock your socks off... a punchy and confronting revelation of the current world we live in."Stage Whispers

“It is at once a send up and an affectionate ode to Australia’s attempt at show business.” - Theatre Press"

"Zeller is an engaging performer with obvious talent."Herald Sun

"the comedian nailed her character swaps... it’s impressive to watch her create characters within seconds without a single costume change." - Pop Culture-y

"A comical plethora of paradoxical characters performed by the up and coming, already legendary Chelsea Zeller." - Stage Whispers

"Zeller gives an impressive performance, transitioning smoothly between wildly divergent characters... Moments of audience interaction are negotiated with care, and the performance feels present – specific to this audience and this night." - Theatre Press

"If you like Australian politics, satire and variety shows Massive Bitch might just be a great show for you." - Pop Culture-y

"Zeller moves from original character to original character without a hitch – even the interviews are so flawless that it's easy to forget there's only one person on stage... it's the sharp characterisation and spot on jokes that keep the audience wanting more." Anne-Marie Peard

"Massive Bitch is a brazen, pie-in-your-face one woman show - with audience in tow and warm up routine motions of a once popular morning TV program... Throw in lashes of derogatory sexual comments, a conversation starter on the hashtag metoo campaign along with temper tantrums of a plummed-primadonna host and you have a bitch of a show." - Stage Whispers 

"Zeller never disappoints as a performer. She creates clear, clever and hilarious characters... Zeller switches between them all with mastery, commitment, and a delicate understanding of who they all are and why they are there." -  What Did She Think

Zeller has mastered the template of morning television typecasts with such marvelous finesse in a no frills performance with loads of diversity and colour... A must-see show for the side-splitting laughs and more." - Stage Whispers.


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