Harry Jun Presents

Harry Jun

Did You Bring Enough For Everybody?

Venue, Date & Time

The Factory Theatre

Tue 3rd Sep 2019 - 7:00 pm

Thu 5th Sep 2019 - 7:00 pm

Sat 7th Sep 2019 - 7:00 pm

Show Duration


Ticket Price Range

$12.00 - $17.00

Recommended For

Over 18s Only
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Did You Bring Enough For Everybody is a high-energy stand-up comedy show packed into a single 60 minute school period. This show blends Harry's love for stand-up comedy with his "love" for teaching. Don't forget your equipment, turn your phones on silent, and don't distract your peers. Break any of these rules and you'll have to sit in the corner.

As an Australian-Born-Korean English high school teacher, Harry Jun is painfully aware of the unique incongruencies of his life. He also knows how to use the word “incongruencies”.  Utilising his English as a First Language (EFL) skills to his advantage, Harry’s comedy often pokes fun at himself, the absurd situations he finds himself in, and the people that reluctantly exist in his social circles. 

Did You Bring Enough for Everybody is Harry's debut hour and he can't wait!

Harry was a NSW State Finalist for the 2019 RAW Comedy Competition.

“MC for the night, “Harry Jun brought a vibrant energy to the show” and ticked my personal minority box as an Asian-Australian man navigating life as expectations and stereotypes are flung his way. An affable and relaxed presence, the night was in good hands with Harry at the wheel.”

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