Graceless stand up comedian and a regular on the Sydney comedy circuit, Amelia Navascues presents her debut solo hour “blurrier irl ''! An hour filled with jokes and regretful divulgences, you might have heard this silly egg on triple j, 2SER 107.3fm, or crying loudly on the quiet carriage (South Coast Line: Wollongong, Port Kembla, Kiama to Central, Wednesday March 11, est. time 6:04pm). In 2021, Amelia wrapped up a split bill “Rat Klub” as part of the Laughs Outta Lockdown festival, where she learnt the subtle art of drinking a bottle of water on stage : the trick is to stay parched. 

Having performed in all the best ~and worst~ clubs in the city, this show will cater to rag tag bohemians, communists and members of the general public who took a stab in the dark because Luke Heggie was sold out. Her original observations on everything from navigating dodgy warehouse parties in your mid twenties, Westconnex and affinity for the hustle of Nigerian romance scammers will leave you wanting more. 

It’s gonna be a mental show if people come or not. Just ready to have the time of my life.

"Amelia Navascues…is 100% what you’d get if you took Fleabag and transplanted the beloved antiheroine into a pub in Sydney’s inner west…" - Camilla Turnbull,On the Town  

“She looks extremely dehydrated”’.- Nicole Mullen, Thought Catalogue.