Annie and Lena are like a fine wine: they can be bought for $17, are indiscernible from most other white varieties, are cheaper than therapy, and are “at the top of their game with This Is Our Show” (The Music)They concede that the last part isn’t about wine, they just wanted to show off so you come see their show.  

After a sold out run at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2021, the Best Comedy award nominated (Melbourne Fringe 2019) Melbourne duo are bringing ‘This is Our Show’ to the Sydney Fringe. Expect messy, weird, hilarious and sometimes dark sketches and songs with just enough references to Lena’s ADHD diagnosis for them to claim they’re experts in writing comedy about mental health. 

Armed with mentoring from Broden Kelly, Sam Lingham and Michelle Brasier, Annie and Lena are ready to bring their ‘truly jam-packed show that screams for repeat viewings’ (The Music) to a Sydney audience.  

Come get loose with the chaotic and charming duo who will “make you feel like a third friend” - Zach Ruane (Aunty Donna) 

This Is Our Show is a true barrage of sketch humour - a freight train of comedy that barrels full speed at its audience with no intention of slowing down…. A truly jam-packed show that screams for repeat viewings” - The Music (4 Stars)  

so good, they make it seem effortless.”- Squirrel Comedy