Three of the nations best stand up comedians are bringing their notebooks and their half formed ideas to the Fringe to perform an hour of all new, untested material. Some of these jokes will be future hits. Others will never be heard from again. Come and be a part of the gruelling process that we call "showbiz". 

Cameron James is an award winning comedian (Sydney Comedy Festival "Director's Choice" Winner 2022, Melbourne Comedy Festival "Best Show" Nominee 2022) and the host of the insanely popular "Becky & Cam Hotline" podcast. He also wrote this blurb. Tom Cashman has not won any awards that I'm aware of but he's very funny and he's on "The Project" a lot. Sam Taunton again has zero awards under his belt, but he's a crack up and he's on "The Project" and "Spicks & Specks". 

In summation: Three funny guys - one of them an award winner - all trying brand new jokes to mixed results. Plus it's cheap!