Ticket Pricing

  • Wednesday - $12.00
  • Thursday - $12.00
  • Friday - $17.00
  • Saturday - $17.00
  • Sunday - $12.00

The show, a farce, chronicles the escapades and hijinks of the trio's constant misunderstandings, social lives, and financial struggles." 

Cam Knight, Tor Snyder and Chris Ryan try our some new gear. 

"Her first solo Melbourne International Comedy Festival Show feels a bit like she has thrown all her favourite material at a wall hoping it will stick." Squirrel Comedy, 2021. [Chris Ryan] 

"He’s a funny bloke, his natural confidence and handsome features making him easy on the eye and ear...[but] he leaves too many loose ends untied." - Jim Schembri, Herald Sun [Cam Knight] 

 “[Tor is a] Single, middle aged woman” - Adelaide Glam [Tor Snyder]