What happens when your life implodes? When you find yourself unemployed, deeply depressed, and living back in the small country town you fled a decade prior living with your partner’s parents during a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic? Apocalypse Gow sets out to answer this and many more questions about the human condition. Taking inspiration from the likes of Hannah Gadsby, David Sedaris, and Zoe Coombs-Marr, this is a show about failure, hope, and gardening. It’s about spiders, trail running, and coming to terms with your sexuality. It’s about privilege, internalised homophobia, and drunkenly throwing a kitchen knife at your own father. In essence, this is one man’s story of overcoming immense privilege to achieve very little.

“Gow is engaging and enlightening, entertaining and self deprecating … In a sort of Hannah Gadsby way, Gow manages to both keep us laughing, then cut it swiftly to poignancy and empathy.” - Daily Review

"One of the finest emerging comedians in the country" - Sydney Comedy Festival

"A growing force in Australian comedy" - Broadsheet

"Wry, gentle storytelling from a soft soul" - Sydney Morning Herald

"Jack Gow possesses an anxious, apologetic eloquence that takes the everyday and makes it quietly marvellous” - ★★★★ The Music

“What makes him so unique is his surprising poignancy, each hilarious memory tinged with unexpected pathos, often captivating the audience into silence” - AltMedia