Jacques Barrett and Damian Smith are mavericks in every sense of the word.

Wielding a handsome 30+ years of combined comedy experience, they return to Sydney Fringe with a bold new show that’s sure to change stand-up comedy forever.

Live performance in the modern era is facing a challenge; attention spans are waning… Stand-up comedy must learn to sizzle, it must strive to dazzle, it must adapt or it will die...

*Enter  "Tag Team”.

It’s simple: Jacques opens with a blistering 7 minute set, then Damo jumps up and does the same. We go back and forth over the course of the hour with 4 sizzling/dazzling sets each, and none of us ADHD-ridden muppets ever get bored or reach for our phones.

Tis an elegant format, for a more civilised age.

Two vastly differing comics, hilarious in their own right, separated by one bell.

Welcome to Tag Team.

"Ding Ding”.