Are you tired of watching (flannel shirt, blue jeans and converse-wearing) cisgender, heterosexual men do an hour of meat & potatoes stand up?

Jared will attempt to deconstruct their life as a 34 year-old Neurodivergent, Non-Binary, Polyamorous Queer Jew with Bipolar & Tourettes, the only way they know how; by sublimating all their pain into art for your entertainment.

Jared might look cute, bubbly and care-free at a glance, but get to know them and you will find yourself frolicking in a kafkaesque rainbow-wasteland of mental illness, addictions and identity struggles…all wrapped up neatly with a glittery bow made of ROFLs, LOLs & LMAOs.

This will be the comedic equivalent of doing fractal geometry on trial psychedelics at an underground Berlin nightclub.

A sort-after support act, having opened for international comedians Tony Hinchcliffe, DJ Douggpound, Ari Shaffir and Tom Green.

Jared has played the UCB in New York, The World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood; been seen on ABC Comedy & The Comedy Channel, and heard on Triple J & FBi Radio.

If not for comedy, you’ve probably seen their face in a commercial break at some point in the last decade, but they want you to know it’s not selling out because there’s no money in live performance and they need the cash to pay for all their props.

So please buy a ticket and come support a starving artist. ♡

*Contains themes of Mental Illness, Drug Abuse, Gender, Sexuality and Suicide.

★★★★ – Hugging Comedians (VIC)

“Scintillating surrealist performer” – The Brag