Joe Comino is a storyteller that makes people laugh. With his likeable persona and strong stage presence, audiences are always ready for a good time when Joe takes the microphone.

With over 15 years in the comedy circuit, Joe has refined his act to tell stories based on real-life experience. Raised by penny-pinching Maltese parents in Sydney’s ethnically diverse western suburbs, growing up and working with a diverse group of nationalities that would rival the United Nations, has created the person Joe is today. Audiences can’t stop laughing as they see Joe’s life as a reflection of their own (in some crazy, messed up way).

A regular of the Sydney stand-up comedy scene, Joe was on Housos television show and support act for their national comedy tour. He has performed at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, as well as Sydney and Adelaide Fringe Festivals. Joe has won multiple stand-up competitions, including Triple M Moonman’s Open Mic.

“Joe is a comic you fall in love with instantly. He’s extremely funny and has a character like no other. I've had the chance to work with Joe on countless shows and he delivers ever time.”  - Peter Burner

“Joe is a natural comedian. He’s not trying to be funny, he just is! Always produces a great set.” - Mick Meredith

“He is loveable and enjoyable. People always have fun with Joe on and off stage.” - Gary Eck

“Crowds love Joe. I love Joe.” - Al Del Benne