Hey! You there! Yes, you! Do you like to laugh? Why don’t you hang up that dusty old coat and treat yourself to an evening of original and entertaining skits by zany professional double act Laurel & Laurel! These two loveable goofs will have you roaring with excitement, in the show that The New York Ghost (fake newspaper) has said is “a sock full of laughs, worth coming miles to see!”

Gasp at their slack-jawed antics! Gape at their hopeless attempts at true human connection! Gawk at their jokes! But most importantly, gasp at their slack-jawed antics! Come see the funniest riot this side of the mad house! You won’t be disappointed! And if you are, no refunds!

Featuring Ari Friedgut as Laurel and Tim Dunk as Laurel. Directed by Jacob Henegan.