“Audiences should not delay in seeking out what she has to say”. Theatre Haus

At 48 years old, Lisa Sharpe discovered Stand-Up Comedy and found the feisty voice that she had as a child. This show is about discovering how and where she lost it as she weaves and twists through her stories of growing up in an Australian small town in the 70’s and 80’s and things that should not have been said or done to any young woman. Lisa bravely, honestly and hilariously tells her story, a story of so many women, then and now. It’s not a “poor me”” story, it’s a story of strength, resilience and triumph. The audience will leave the theatre feeling like they can achieve anything and no-one will ever dare to ignore their voice again. Now a 52 year old woman, her voice is louder and stronger than ever. This is a story that most women and anyone who has ever found it difficult to be heard, will relate to.

“The respect she earns from her audience is proof enough that she is a gifted comedian and a captivating raconteur” Theatre Haus

“An unflinching 45 minutes of honest contemplation (accompanied by a generous serving of humour)” Theatre Haus.

“This show cuts through the heart in the best possible way” Emily Carr.

“Hands down one of the best storytellers of our time. Funny, charming and able to paint a picture with words and imagery which leaves you with always wanting more”, John Peacock, The Comedy Commune.