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Everyone lies to themselves to get through life. For some people, it's telling yourself that you're a cat, when you're really a dog. For others, its believing that calling the two-inch thick slice of ham that they just took out of the microwave a ‘ham steak’ will make it more palatable to the hospitalised child who has to eat it for dinner. 

Margot is telling herself the biggest lie of all: that she’s a fundamentally good person. And like her attempt to write a revolutionary climate anthem at age 10, lies have a tendency to end in disaster, and/or a post-postmodernist interpretive dance homage to the film ‘Chicken Little’.

After a two year hiatus, Margot Beavon-Collin returns in true, wild and whacky story-telling style in her new show, "Lies We Tell Ourselves to Sleep at Night". She will weave a tale for you of horny Catholics, dead pets, the best methods for making high school band masters cry and coming to terms with the person you are, and what to do when you are inevitably disappointed by the answer.