Ticket Pricing

  • Saturday - $17.00

Natali Caro is a 26 year old…5’4, brown haired, brown eyed, Colombian/Chilean…comedian, actor, drag king, DJ, impressionist, singer, dancer, writer and presenter…so why doesn’t she have a manager already? Sounds like there’s a lot of money to be made here. Seeking Representation is a solo comedy show like no other. Showcasing all of these in under 60mins, it is the ultimate showreel; a show-stopping effort to bag a talent agent. 


An artist by many names, (Papi Chulo, Nati Daddy, Donatella, Judith, Fred Durst and more) Natali is quickly becoming the one to watch, and now more than ever do we really want to know, Who Are They™? Natali Caro is Seeking Representation and calling on all AGENTS, MANAGERS, PROMOTERS, CASTING DIRECTORS, BOOKERS AND PROFESSIONALS to give her her big break. Debuting last November at Two Queers Walk into A Bar Festival, Natali received a standing ovation from a sell out audience, and again in March this year, received the same raucous fan-fare from audiences at Queer Hub, Giant Dwarf. Two sell out shows and two standing ovations...three for three? 


Seeking Representation is not your usual comedy solo show, featuring not only stand-up but drag, impressions, sketch, audio visuals, cameos, song and dance. Keeping the audience continuously on their toes, there is never a dull moment as Natali switches between characters and mediums, keeping audiences asking, "is this part of the show?" 


As seen hosting Big Thick Energy and Crisis Actor, on screens for ‘LOUD n QUEER TV,‘ WarOn2020, as well as Sydney Comedy Festival, sell-out venues across Sydney, and in your very own dreams. Natali is also coming off the back of Melbourne and Sydney run of original Drag King musical meets queer Magic Mike, All The King's Hens, and debut play, Taz Vs The Pleb at Sydney Fringe.