Can you sell a house without selling your soul? 

Nick and Tom are back at Sydney Fringe with an all-new one-act tragicomedy—and this time their sights are set on the world of real estate!  

When small-time estate agent Nick (Nick Harriott) notices the sales prowess of pizza delivery boy Tom (Tom Waddell), the pair strike up a most unusual arrangement. They become partners—but when his protégé progresses faster than expected, Nick begins to wonder if he hasn’t let a fox into the proverbial hen house… 

First they were Divorced Dads, then they were Dandies—but now Nick and Tom are REAL ESTATE AGENTS! 

“Never failed to make the audience laugh” - SURG FM 

“Sydney improv scene's staple Nick Harriott…perfectly sets the mood” - Theatre Travels 

“Deliciously OTT” - Sydney Arts Guide 

“Our loins are still tingling after a sleaze-number from Tom Waddell” - Honi Soit