Absurdist comic Ross Purdy (2022 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Golden Gibbo Nominee) has to put on the show of his life when the country is taken over by a fascist dictator. If he fails to entertain our new leader he'll be executed by the state in this brain-bending fever dream sketch show.

Ross Purdy makes his Sydney debut with his anti-establishment anti-comedy for the anti-social that's an all out ass-salt on the hiney of Australian culture.

A “rambling surrealist satire” with “insanely quotable one-liners” (Beat Magazine) that's "like Lars Von Trier and David Lynch trying to out-mindf*%k each other" (Great Scott) and mixes live grotesque puppetry and reality-blurring videos in a multi-media eyegasm of character comedy.

Watch Ross Purdy urinate on the corpse of satire.

Here's some paid for pull quotes

'He's a handsome boy.' Ross' Mum

'Where's my keys?' Ross' Dad

Ross Purdy is one half of Late Night Party Boyz, an improviser with Melbourne’s The Improv Pit and also hosts the weekly interview/improv comedy podcast 'Ross Purdy Destroys Comedy'.