Ryan Sim and Bridget Hassed are good friends and even better comedians. Both moved to Sydney from Brisbane to pursue their comedy dreams – which include (but are not limited to) this show! Don't you love it when you get to support someone's DREAM? Amongst working on their material, navigating the industry, and keeping up to date with local scene politics, Ryan and Bridget’s ultimate goal in comedy remains, quite simply, to be told, “Well done.” Perhaps by you? After seeing this very show!?

Ryan Sim is an accomplished performer who combines a conversational approach to his audiences with well-written, structured set pieces. He shares his experiences navigating thevoften muddy, terrain of our modern life through stories that bring the ridiculous and absurd to the every day.

Unafraid to show her dark side, Bridget Hassed explores the oddities of society and everyday life. Bridget finds hilarity in her frustrations with the world around her, as well as her own faults - shining a light through the numerous holes in her personality.

Together, Ryan and Bridget form a dynamic comedy coupling, and this split bill will showcase their solo material, as well as bringing them together on stage for an improvised crowd-work component. As a couple of brutally honest and open performers, Ryan and Bridget are attracted to people’s stories. They believe that crowd work can be an exchange of experiences, resulting in a better understanding of our collective lives, and - most importantly - massive laughs.

So please join Ryan and Bridget for their debut festival show in Sydney. You’re sure to leave feeling compelled to tell them, “Well done.”