Life above ground getting you down? Is the sun shining too brightly on your deep insecurities? Would you prefer a hairy body and night vision eyes but get scared there’ll be no place in the world for you? Then there’s never been a better time to meet Sewer Rat Girl! The rat-human hybrid who’s rejected reality!

You are invited into the bowels of the earth to revel in a stinky stanky fantasy. Marvel at Sewer Rat Girl’s bodily functions! Gasp at her sordid past! Cheer at her shiny sewer future! If you’ve ever felt that there might be something quite profound to your scurrying, nibbling, never-showering rodent ways then prepare to resonate!

Trade in your fake crap for real crap. Sewer Rat Girl is your chance to throw off the weight of polite society. She’s waiting for you - down there in the dark - with her best friend Sreg - waiting - for you!

This event occurs on Stolen Gadigal Country. We wish to acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Elders past, present and emerging. This Sacred land has been a place of art, celebration and community since the very first sunrise. Always was and always will be, Aboriginal land.