Do you snore or love/tolerate someone who does? Then this award-nominated show that sold out at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival will not only amuse you, but it could save your relationship or even your life!

Musical comedian Stew Walker has sleep apnea and snores a lot! His snoring is so loud that his wife has kicked him out to the bungalow and the neighbours have lodged noise complaints with the police. And sleep deprivation is causing havoc at work, where Stew nods off more often than a bored parliamentarian.

But it’s not all bad news. For one thing he’s saving heaps on drinks. Thanks to sleep apnea, he wakes up feeling hungover every morning despite not having touched a drop for months. And the noise from Stew’s snoring has scared the local possums away from his leafy Eastern suburbs block.

The Book of Snorin’ – Sleep Apnea The Musical follows Stew on his quest to treat his sleep apnea and escape the bungalow blues. The show features wacky original songs in genres ranging from pop, country and blues through to rock, power ballads and Europop.

Stew Walker began his comedy career in 2012 when Adam Hills called his comedic bluff on national TV (see Six weeks later Stew wowed a packed room with a 30-minute show, with a live cross to Adam back in the studio (see

Since then, Stew has performed at comedy festivals and venues across Australia, UK, USA and Asia, and has produced and performed in four highly successful shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

'One of the best comedies I’ve seen at the Fringe.' Buxton Fringe Reviews (UK)

'Very funny, a little bit quirky.' Weekend Notes

Nominee Best Cabaret, Musical or Variety Show, 2020 Fringe at the Edge of the World