Monica, Anabela and Yoav share their middle age madness experience.

Yoav looks like Andre Agassi, sounds like Borat. Corporate by day and does Stand-up for toddlers (for real) by afternoon and a proud dad of 4. Married to Maayan, a vet, and has been living in Australia for 17 years.

Monica has travelled 47 years around the sun, and reports it’s been quite a trip so far. Born to Romanian parents and married to a Dutch husband, she’s a PR queen by day, comedian by night and mother of three somewhere in between. She loves (over)sharing her views on modern parenting styles, marriage and middle aged madness. She’s pretty easy going until one of her kids calls her a ‘Karen’. Then she loses her shit!

Anabela lover of all things Portuguese such as Frangos and the famed Portuguese tarts, grew up in a cult in Portugal. She arrived in Australia at 16 some decades ago and now splits her time between managing the antics of her adolescent Border Collie Georgie Costanza de los Santos and keeping alive the memory of her beloved cat Don Diego Serafim de los Santos.