For over a century, Professor Moriarty has been infamous as “that guy who tried to push Sherlock Holmes off a cliff” - but he’s actually done loads of other stuff too! Now at last, the Napoleon of Crime gets to tell HIS side of the story in this brand new, entirely improvised show from the diabolical geniuses responsible for The Game is Afoot! 

Starring Will Erimya as Professor Moriarty, plus a mighty organisation of award-winning improvisers, The Improvised Crimes of Professor Moriarty is the most nefarious (and hilarious) show at the 2021 Sydney Fringe Festival.

"Overall, the concept was insane, the improv hilarious and all round the cast delivered a highly engaging and witty sixty-minutes of improvised comedy," Theatre Travels

"The epitome of dumb, great improvisational comedy," State of the Art

"I didn't care for it," Sherlock Holmes