Western Sydney Comedy will blow your mind. You will hear our stories, experiences and culture, leaving you laughing so hard your gut will hurt!

Featuring David Truong, Jamal Abdul, Frida Deguise and Riv Narak.

Riv Narak is an emerging Indian-Australian comedian, writer, and performer repping the city of Blacktown. A clever and childish perspective of what it's like to be an immigrant thrown in the melting pot that is Western Sydney

Jamal Abdul is a stand-up comedian based in Sydney.

He was the winner of the Stand Up and Be Counted Comedy Competition in 2017 and RAW Comedy State Finalist in 2018.

He has since gone on to be featured on Tony Hinchcliffe’s Kill Tony Podcast and sell out shows at the Sydney Comedy Festival and Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Jamal was born into an ethnically diverse family to his Italian mother and Arab father and at three months old was diagnosed with a rare eye condition which is the cause of his blindness. From the very beginning Jamal was an outsider observing the world and the people around him from a perspective not many would share with him. It’s his I’m not weird, you’re weird attitude that makes his stand-up comedy performances so unique and hilarious.

David Truong is a Vietnamese-Chinese comedian born and raised in Sydney. His passion for comedy stems from watching Seinfeld as a young boy. David's style revolves around his cultural background, daily observations, and hilarious impressions.

David is a regular around the Sydney comedy scene. You might have seen him at the Sydney Comedy Club, Happy Endings Comedy Club and a successful Sydney Comedy Festival show, 'Two and a half immigrants'. He is straight-faced with unpredictable punchlines!

David's comedy has been described as relatable and has a sharp focus on comedic timing. He hopes he can invite his parents to a show without them being offended.

Frida De Guise

A self-proclaimed ‘Wogan’ (part ‘wog’ – part bogan), this 5ft _? Australian-born, Lebanese Muslim makes up in heart what she lacks in height. She’s gregarious, hilarious and driven by a comedic tenacity and ambition rarely seen in this country. And it’s this absolute passion for comedy that makes Frida such a joy to watch.

One of the few Muslim comedians in Australia this unique, mother-of-four is creating huge waves in the comedy industry and smashing racial stereotypes and cultural divides in the process. Recently, she’s featured on such prestigious shows as the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala and Nazeem Hussain’s Stand Up for Christchurch and is a regular fixture in iconic comedy clubs across the country.