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Loosey Goosey

The Marvellouser Snake Boy

A modern fairytale...with a not so happy ending

Millennial Fatigue

Number 1 Best Comedy Show

Big Dolphin Energy

Sad Songs - Trial Show

Why Am I Still Single

Ft The Fan Brigade, James Roque & Eli Matthewson

with Elliot, Kathryn and Alia

New Jokes, Might Delete Later

Queerly Beloved

Stick A Fork In Me, I'm Dan

This Is Terrifying: How to Panic Usefully

They Roped Me Into It

Don't Rush Me

Trial by Trial Show

Comedy Up Late With John Cruckshank

Did You Bring Enough For Everybody?

Confounded! A Comedy Quiz

1980s Depression: The Musical

I Don't Necessarily Like Your Dog

Some Jokes I Wrote

Men Are People Too

Eu-Geenius - Up Late with Eugeen!

Jessica Adie Is Doing Her Best

I'm Here For You

is "Bits Magee"


I See Dead People

It's Kevin Bloody Jin!

Irritable Bowl Syndrome

Farewell Tour

Improvised Case Unit

Part of The Problem

Liam McMahon and Mates

Work in Progress

Amused & Confused

Burn It All Down (A Trial Show, of Sorts)

Dance the Dance of Life

Don’t Take This The Wrong Way ...

Songs In The Key Of Gee (Trial Show)

Mating Selection

Female Musical Comedian

An hour of power with Steve Marr

Farm Backpacker (subclass 417)

Songs In The Key of “In Progress” – WORKSHOP SHOWS

Pre-Reunion Tour

A Musical Improv Extravaganza

Sorry Maybe Please If Possible